Carausius and Allectus

Carausius, a Roman military commander in northern Gaul, revolted in either 286 or 287 AD faced with almost certain death for treason. He was accused of keeping captured treasure for his troops rather than sending it to the imperial exchequer. This charge is very similar to the one that was put before Postumus nearly thirty years before and may represent a standard accusation levied against successful popular commanders.

Carausius fled to Britain where he established a rebel regime based upon the Roman template and successfully defended his rule until 293 AD, when he was murdered, probably on the instigation of the man who succeeded him, Allectus.

Allectus maintained the seperatist regime in Britain until 296 when he was defeated by the forces of Constantius I.

Carausius established mints in Rouen, London and a location beginning with C and struck a prolific coinage, albeit of somewhat suspect quality at times.

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Inscriptions in stone

Carausius lies under these stones 


Corpus of aurei of Carausius

ORIES (sic)

Catalogue of fake aurei

Fake Pax aureus

The provenance of an aureus of Allectus in the BM


Historical sources


An obverse die link to RSR and unmarked denarii 

Normanby hoard laureate die links

Lead seals:

Lead seal or trial strike 


Carausius II and bibliography



Rouen coins

"BRI" mint

Two Victorinus prototypes 

Jugate Carausius and Sol obverses 

Cast fake LEG IIII

A unique ROMA MILITVM type 

Dating the galley Q coins

VXI AV clasped hands reverse

A BM die duplicate helmeted Virtus reverse coin

The type specimen of Carausius RIC 914

The Minerva prowed galley

The CL mintmark of Allectus


Medallions of Carausius

The owner of the Arras hoard, perhaps?

Bibliography and publication notes:

Bibliography of Carausius and Allectus

Review: S Elliott "Roman Britain's Pirate King"

A ghostly apparition of Carausius

Tracing the coins from Kennedy's plate

Romano-British coins in the Thesaurus of Oiselius

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Post revolt London mint

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 Coins of Carausius, Allectus and Gallic Empire for sale


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